Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A peak into Gimme Some Puddin'

The man outside the window continued to watch eagerly as Anna slipped into the tub of bubbles.  His organ had become perfectly erect and pulsated with desire while his breathing became erratic.  Nothing could pacify him at the moment except being able to touch Anna’s exposed skin and enter her body with a portion of his.  His passion turned into lust as Anna then began to pleasure herself in her watery heaven. 
----Excerpt from Who's Watching

The woman writhed in ecstasy as her hips gyrated with each of his movements.  Dr. Price had placed his hands on her firm buttocks and began to knead her flesh, both cheeks at the same time.  His head fell back a bit and he found himself moaning in pleasure.  The woman gripped either side of the exam table to keep herself from falling off. ----Excerpt from Last Patient of the Day

I placed my hands on either side of Christopher’s face and drew him closer to mine.  I ran my tongue seductively across my parted lips and watched Christopher’s eyes grow wide with excitement.  I pressed my lips to his and began probing the warm depths of his mouth.  Christopher removed his hand from my pants and began to pull my jeans and panties off in unison. -----Excerpt from A Halloween to Remember


  1. Intriquing! Looks like good reads!

  2. TY T.S.

    I have posted Gimme Some Puddin' to Smashwords for 99 cents.


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